1. Produce
    Depending on what is currently in season you can find cucumbers, dill, tomatoes, beans (green & yellow), sweet corn, and potatoes. We also grow pumpkins, peas, beets, and other vegetables but in smaller quantities. Each year Windy Ridge also tries what we like to call an 'Adventure Crop'. We select something new and unusual to grow on the farm. The Adventure Crop for 2017 is peanuts!
  2. Maple
    Made with out the use of reverse osmosis systems, or vacuum tanks our sap bubbles and boils in our Grimm evaporator until it reaches syrup. We make smaller amounts than many producers but we believe the quality of the flavor and texture are more important than the quantity we can produce.
  3. Wood Products
    Windy Ridge can also provide you with picnic tables, benches, wood slabs, or even a farm house table. Contact us for more detail.
  4. Special Programs
    Windy Ridge supports recycling whenever possible. We feel so strongly about it that we have started our own program. If you return one of our glass jars in good condition we'll take fifty cents off your next purchase. Limit of four jars at a time.